Wild meat hung on a meatpole provides unique health, taste and quality.

Meatpole during gun season in Iowa County, WI. 1996

The tradition of meatpoles is to preserve, tenderize and age meat has been used for centuries in a variety of cultures. As meat hangs on a meatpole, natural enzymes in the meat break down the muscle, which makes the meat more tender. As the meat ages, the flavor becomes richer and more complex. This is because the natural sugars break down. Hanging meat can remove excess moisture, which can concentrate the flavor and help to create a crispy crust when the meat is cooked. 

Hanging meat helps to preserve it by allowing the air to circulate around the meat, which can prevent bacterial growth. 

Most people, too distanced from where our food actually comes from, (or assume hunting as only a sport) are unaware of how wild meat can provide a superior meal.

You have probably heard the story where a group of young children were asked by their teacher how many legs a chicken had. The children responded, “four.” When asked to explain why they believed this, they pointed to the drumsticks they received in packaged meat. 

Of course, chickens only have two legs. We have become too accustomed to packaged food, robbing the meat of its natural taste, quality and nutrients. And, we have become too uncomfortable with knowing and seeing where our food truly comes from. Even the idea of a meatpole makes some people uneasy. 

But meatpoles are a remarkable and extremely useful tool. Not only that, but they are not impossible to make, whether it be outside between two trees, or across some beams in your garage. You can have your very own meatpole!

Meatpole Outfitters Deer Camp 2022

Displaying your meatpole can be declaration of your skill and abundance. A meatpole can be a powerful symbol of our dependence on the natural world. Meatpoles are an expression of accomplishment, gratitude, strength and even community spirit of an abundant hunt!

So, ask me about my meatpole. And if you show me yours, I will show you mine!

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