What services does Meatpole Outfitters offer?

Meatpole Outfitters currently sells apparel and items representing the Meatpole brand, both online, at events, and various store locations. Meatpole social media is a place for hunting stories, outdoorsman tips, and much more. Although the brand is focused on the hunting, fishing, and outdoorsman community, all items and content are for anyone who is interested. Meatpole Outfitters plans to eventually add on hunting and fishing guide services in the Midwest.

When will I see my online order?

Estimates for the new store will have items in customer hands within 5-9 days of their order, depending on their location in the United States.

I am a store owner, can I do business with Meatpole?

Absolutely! We have partnered with some stores to sell our apparel, and other businesses to do some advertising. If you are interested in partnering with Meatpole to do business exchanges, please contact us at info@meatpoleoutfitters.com

Who prints and provides Meatpole items?

Meatpole Outfitters currently gets most apparel from Brandtek, and some other items from AM Solutions. Both of these businesses are based in the Madison, WI area. The rest of the items that are purchasable are made by hand by one of the owners, Lydia.

Who took the photos that are displayed on the website?

All the photos that are displayed on the main pages (included a majority of the blog images) were taken by Jamison Haag.

What are the sublimation items in the store?

Sublimation items are a unique type of clothing where the entire item has ink printed through the threads. This makes it so the colors of the print do not fade in the wash or over time. The actual threads of the clothing are completely colored, nothing is placed on top of the material (like with typical printed clothing items). These items tend to be made from an athletic-type material. These sublimated items are only available a few times a year through a separate online store.

What is a Meatpole?

You can learn more from our blogpost, The History of the Meatpole.

Where are your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Return Policy?

All of our terms and legal statements can be found on the bottom of our Home page, or throughout our online store pages.