Getting to Know the Meatpole

Wild meat hung on a meatpole provides unique health, taste and quality. The tradition of meatpoles is to preserve, tenderize and age meat has been used for centuries in a variety of cultures. As meat hangs on a meatpole, natural enzymes in the meat break down the muscle, which makes the meat more tender. As the meat ages, the flavor becomes richer and more […]

Windows Into Wildlife : Where to Find Unique Nature Paintings

Discover hidden gems, be resourceful, and have fun finding unique nature paintings for your home or cabin. Owen Gromme, Harry Adamson, and David Maass… these are a few of many renowned artists that have created exceptional works of art, specifically naturalist and wildlife art. Hundreds of thousands of homes display paintings by these artists and […]

Gun Safety Isn’t Just for Gun Owners

Whether you own a firearm or not, the importance of gun safety hits home more often than expected. “32% of U.S. adults say they personally own a gun, while a larger percentage, 44%, report living in a gun household.” – Gallup News According to records at CDC, more than 500 cases of unintentional deaths by a […]

How to Make a European Mount

European Mounts Made Easy Alright, so now you’ve harvested a nice buck and finished the butchering, what are you going to do with the head and antlers? Some folks will spend the money on a taxidermist, especially if it’s “wallhanger” worthy. Others will opt to just skull cap the head and mount the antlers in plaster on […]

Every Deer is a Trophy

What type of deer is defined as a trophy? Many might answer by saying it is a large buck with an impressive set of antlers. Others might argue that any deer that is harvested is worthy to be defined as a trophy. These types of deer may include a 120 pound doe, or a spike […]

The Importance of Being an Ethical Hunter

A Good Hunter and an Ethical Hunter There are many qualities and skills that can make someone a good hunter, but it takes some special qualities and skills to make someone both a good and ethical hunter. Not everyone strives to be an ethical hunter, but not everyone is aware of the importance of being […]